When electricity companies artificially inflate prices, it’s time to take back the power!

A report recently released by leading think-tank The Grattan Institute calls on politicians to be transparent with Australians about the cost of electricity prices in the future. With the average power bill rising a whopping 130% between 2015 and 2017, and again by around 20% last year, it’s already a struggle for both households and businesses to keep up.

The pressure is only going to continue while we are wholly dependent on electricity companies to meet all our energy needs. The only way to take back control is to find a free, independent source of energy – like our lovely Australian sun!

Shining a light on those skyrocketing power bills

The report explains there are three main reasons why energy costs have been rising over the last few years and while the Government might hint at a future solution, in reality there is little they can actually do to solve the problem.

  1.  Old coal-fired power stations were closed down in 2016 and 2017. Although these power stations were cheap to run, they were dirty and expensive to maintain. Their closure reduced supply while at the same time the demand for electricity got higher. This all pushed prices up, accounting for around 60% of the price rise.
  1. Increases in coal and gas prices. While supply was dropping, the price of gas and coal was increasing, accounting for around 40% of our increasing costs.
  1. Energy companies gaming the system. Big electricity companies have been gaming the system through strangling supply in order to drive prices up. Believe it or not this is actually perfectly legal and according to the Grattan Institute report, and it adds as much as $800 million to the price we paid for electricity over the past few years.

Nobody wants to be at the mercy of unscrupulous electricity generators, especially if they are gaming the system. Now is the time to embrace a reduced reliance on grid electricity companies and harness the power of solar.

If you stay dependent on big energy producers for your electricity you are always going to be at the mercy of never-ending power bill increases. Free yourself from the burden of rising energy costs with True Value Solar and reclaim your power by calling us 13 76 52 today. A few minutes with a solar consultant can help you understand how much you could save on power and how quick your payback period could be.

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