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This month only we want you to avoid the power pain. Going solar can assist in reducing your power bill.

Our 6.2kW Solar Panel System is an ideal start for anyone who is interested in solar.

It features the 5kW GoodWe inverter and 21 x 300W Black Mono Perc Jinko Panels, starting from $4299*

Highlights of the 5kW Inverter

• Dual MPP trackers to suit two-side roof

• Maximum Efficiency up to 97.8%

• European Efficiency up to 97.4%

• MPPT Efficiency over 99.5%

• Up to 10 safety measurements

• Wide range of input voltage

• User-friendly Large LCD

Black Mono Perc Panels

We have noticed that PERC panels are gaining popularity among solar consumers. PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. PERC solar cells differ from Poly Crystalline solar cells due to the way they are designed. Scientist designed the PERC cells to get the most of electrons out of the solar cell by changing the architecture of the solar cell with the aim to improve light capture near the rear surface and to optimise electrons captured.

We have a great range of PERC Panels available.

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* Price dependent on eligibility & availability of Government Solar Credits Scheme and customer assigning STCs to True Value Solar Pty Ltd. Standard install, metro customers only, additional charges may apply. Terms and conditions apply. NSW Registered Electrical Contractor Licence No. 243772C. SA Registered Electrical Contractor Licence No.: BLD232057. WA Registered Electrical Contractor Licence No.: EC10958.QLD Registered Electrical Contractor Licence No.: 74345. Price is cash only.


we are proud to lead the australian solar revolution


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