Solar Price Comparison Websites: Busting The Myths

You’re a time-poor person chasing a cheaper mortgage, hunting for a better insurance deal AND thinking about making the switch to solar. What do you do?

For many Australians it’s a no brainer – they hit the nearest ‘independent’ price comparison website, punch in their details, sit back and wait for the best quotes to roll in.

Too easy! But look behind the snappy slogans and price comparison websites are not such a bright idea after all. Here’s a bit of mythbusting you should be aware of:


Myth #1: Price Comparison Sites Work for You

Price comparison sites may claim to be working for the consumer, but in fact they’re making a commission from you every time they pass on your details.


So as you can imagine they’ll only refer you to companies that have agreed to pay their commission and are not likely to even list products that are not in their network, especially if they offer a better deal.

So whose best interest do they really have at heart?

By relying on a price comparison website you’re only seeing a biased selection of available suppliers. You won’t even know what deals you’re missing.


Myth #2: Your Personal Information Is Perfectly Safe

To get a quote from a comparison website, you need to give them potentially sensitive personal information. While this might seem like a necessary step in the process of getting an accurate quote, your information is another source of income for many of these businesses who will then go on and sell your details to third party organisations.

If you’re lucky they’ll only pass your details on to multiple solar companies who will then use it to market to you. If you’re unlucky it may be completely misused as this ongoing case in the UK demonstrates.

So you should be aware: using these sites means losing control of your personal information.


So…I shouldn’t compare quotes?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t shop around for a good deal! Just avoid price comparison sites and request quotes directly from the suppliers you’re interested in. This way you can be sure you’re getting unbiased information, hearing about the best deals and you’re in control of who has your personal data.

Here at True Value Solar we’re always looking out for our customers. We want you to get a good deal on your solar purchase without putting your personal data at risk.


At True Value Solar we won’t ever sell, trade or release your private information to anyone. To get the best solar deals without surrendering your privacy call us on 13 76 52 or request a quote online today.

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