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Solar Smart Monitor

Solar production levels

Home energy consumption

System performance analysis

System fault notifications


Solar Analytic – Easy to Operate

Our Monitoring System

Quality Matters

Our Solar Monitor allows you to connect with you solar and make the most of your energy.

Investing in a solar monitoring device can help to keep your system performing at its best, giving you the most value.

In the event of a fault the Solar monitoring system can detect this as well as failures or under-performance.

However, the main benefit lies in the fact that you can interact with the app or log in via your computer to see your energy consumption and optimise it to make the most of your solar system.

Knowing how much free energy you produce from the sun can translate into savings.


Here are a few features:

• Solar Production Levels

• Home energy consumption

• System performance analysis

• System fault notification

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How does it connect?


  To learn more watch this video


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