Recently the superior quality of Jinko Panels was highly emphasized in Choice Magazine article. (Read article here »)

Today we bring you further amazing pieces of news about the Jinko Panels.

JinkoSolar proudly announces that its Eagle PR module has created a new world output record of 343.9W for monocrystalline silicon module. TUV Rheinland tested the module under standard testing condition at 343.9W, following its previous record of 334.5W for polycrystalline silicon modules. After doing this, JinkoSolar has now become the new world record holder to date for both mono and poly C-Si solar module.

Since 2014, JinkoSolar has built up a strong annual module shipments momentum and in second quarter 2016 had module shipments of 1,716MW crossing the benchmark of 1,700MW and establishing a new quarterly shipment record, beating its previous record 1,709.9MW in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The uprising numbers suggest a strong hold of JinkoSolar over the solar industry worldwide and be the most renowned company when it comes to solar panels.

We proudly use their highly recognized products within our systems and hence provide full product satisfaction to our consumers.

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