How to reduce the costs when buying commercial solar:

The uptake of residential solar in Australia has been huge by world standards with over 15% of all homes having solar. The growth of commercial solar has now arrived.

Businesses who invest in solar have the opportunity to gain significant advantages over their competition with a reduction in overheads and greater productivity.

Going solar is a business investment, and like all investments there needs to be measured returns. Solar provides the following investment advantages:

Tax benefits – Incentives

The government $20,000 write off provides a very lucrative reason to buy solar. The system needs to be installed and ready to use on or before 30th June 2017. To capitalise on this write off it is important to contact our True Value Commercial team to ensure your business is compliant with this government business incentive.

Accelerated depreciation

In addition to the government incentives business can take an accelerated 5 year depreciation on the cost of the system un the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System’s (MARCS). So while the business will receive the benefits of solar over a long period of up to 20 to 25 years, the total value of the system can be taken out of the gross income of the business over a 5-year period under MARCs. The result is a lower tax liability over the initial first 5 years.

Reducing business overheads

Unfortunately many businesses do not believe or know that solar power can help their business save them money. Solar makes sense for a wide variety of businesses regardless of the industry. The key facts to decide if solar is good for a business are:

– The business has a large electricity bill
– The business operates mainly during daylight hours
– The business wishes to project an environmental responsibility
– The business is not subjected to large ‘demand tariff’ charges


If you are unsure if solar is suitable for your business, call one of our commercial solar experts at TVS Commercial on (03) 88 33 2700. Our experts will provide a full evaluation on your business and the suitability of solar. Solar is a large investment that can provide a very large boost to profit and productivity. Talk to one of our specialist and let us see how we can benefit your business.

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