5 Myths About Solar Busted

Solar is a hot topic right now, but unfortunately much of the information out there is woefully out of date, misguided or just wrong. You’d be amazed how many myths are floating around about solar, but read on – we’re going to debunk them for once and for all, starting with these five:

Myth #1: Solar is expensive

Fact: Solar doesn’t have to cost the earth. Thanks to advances in technology, as well as government rebates and incentives, solar is now incredibly affordable. The payback period can be as quick as a couple of years and when you factor in the savings you’ll enjoy over the years as power bills go up, the benefits keep adding up in the long term. Try our free solar savings calculator to see how much you could save!


Myth #2: Solar is high maintenance

Fact: Because they have no moving parts, solar panels are actually extremely low maintenance. You’ll probably spend more time and money maintaining your vacuum cleaner than your solar system. You will want to give your panels a clean once a year to keep them free of leaves and working their best, but other than that it’s pretty much set and forget. Also see http://www.solaraccreditation.com.au/consumers/after-installing-solar-PV.html for more on maintenance.


Myth #3: Solar panels will damage my home’s roof

Fact: Contrary to popular assumption, solar panels are not attached directly to your roof, they are installed on racks connected to your roofing framing so they sit above the surface, and can actually offer extra protection against weather damage. That’s not to say a shonky installer couldn’t cause some damage but the industry is heavily regulated to avoid this and all True Value Solar’s installers are of course accredited. As long as you choose reputable, accredited installers (like us!) you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Myth #4: Solar panels will decrease my home’s value

Fact: a home with solar panels has lower running costs. Most people would consider reduced power bills a benefit, not a disadvantage!

A survey conducted by realestate.com.au in 2015 revealed that 85% of Australians believe solar panels increase the value of a property, even more than other energy saving measures like energy efficient appliances and rainwater tanks. Your solar equipped home will also likely appeal more to renters with three quarters of those surveyed saying they’d be happy to pay higher rent to live in a property with solar.


Myth #5: Solar only works in hot climates

Fact: You don’t need to be living in tropical paradise to take advantage of solar. Because it works on light, not heat, solar power can be used in all climates. Take Germany for example – one of the biggest users of solar worldwide and they have a far lower average temperature than Australia. Solar even works on overcast days so you don’t need year round sunshine to see some benefit.


Don’t let tall tales stand between you and great savings! Give True Value Solar a call on 13 76 52 today.

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