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True value solar Blog

Why solar works for you all year round

Let’s set the record straight…

For as long as solar has been sold and distributed there has been a common misconception of solar panels and their lack of production during the colder months of the year. The truth however, is that solar performance during the dead of winter in comparison to the scorching hot days of summer only varies around two per cent.

In fact, according to some recent studies, some of the coldest geographic locations have the greatest potential when it comes to solar energy production, and some solar cells (tiny electrical devices that make up solar panels) actually produce energy more efficiently in colder temperatures.

While summer feels much hotter and the warm feeling of the sun beaming onto your skin promotes the perception that your solar system would be producing far more energy than it would on the colder days.

Summer doesn’t necessarily produce more solar energy than any other time of the year, the daylight hours are merely longer, which is the key to greater overall energy production. In actual fact, solar panels don’t need heat to achieve maximum efficiency, they need light!

Our range of solar panels captures energy from the sun by harnessing elementary particles of light called “photons” to create an electrical current within. This electrical current is then converted by the solar inverter into solar energy for use in your home or workplace.

And one last thing: True Value Solar install their solar panels with the intention that it will not just produce energy and save you money for one season, but for the next 25 years. Solar is a long-term investment. Many summers and many autumns will pass but we have confidence that our solar panels will help you save every single season.

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