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Why choose to have a solar system in sunny Australia?

Australia. The sunniest continent in the world and one of the best places to sport rooftop solar panels. Why? Australia boasts the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent, making it an unbelievable solar resource.

Solar system prices are now more affordable than they’ve ever been, in meaning the price of solar photovoltaic modules have reduced. This is due to federal policies, including the Renewable Energy Target, which makes the upfront installation costs more affordable. Also, state-based feed-in-tariffs contribute, by paying consumers a solar credit for exporting excess solar they produce, back into the grid.

Think about the following:

  1. Solar energy is free from the sun and significantly changes how energy is generated and consumed. The amount of accessible sunlight changes depending on the seasons, elevation and angle of the sun. In Australia, we can consider the benefits of daylight savings, where sunlight hours are longer, presenting the opportunity to be less reliant on the grid.
  1. When you purchase a solar system, you’re making a long term investment, because of the savings you’ll receive over time. Once you utilise your free energy during daylight hours your dependency on the grid will reduce, you’ll most likely be paying mainly for electricity during the evening and early hours of the morning. Any solar energy that your home doesn’t consume will be exported back to the grid, resulting in a solar credit (rebate). For most, the key is to save money off the actual bill, by using your solar energy, rather than selling it to your energy provider.
  1. Having a solar system makes a positive statement to your neighbours and friends. It works to protect your family against future rising energy costs and the need to be dependent on conventional sources of energy (i.e. coal, oil and gas). All this minimises your carbon footprint, because solar panels generate clean energy, which omits greenhouse gases, beneficially impacting our environment.
  1. Solar also changes the mindset of consumers, making people conscious of their electricity usage. They begin to replace light bulbs with LED efficient lighting, switch appliances off at the power point and utilise tools; such as, wireless home energy monitors.
  1. As an added bonus, battery back-up storage solutions are available and they’ll work to have a positive impact on the solar industry. Batteries enable consumers to store energy generated from Australia’s sunlight and use it at night, to avoid high electricity prices. Batteries are of great convenience to those who have a day job or are not home until the evening.

There are many reasons why Australia makes the perfect home for solar. Which reason will you choose? Call 13 76 52 today to find a system that suits your home and lifestyle.

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