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True value solar Blog

Welcome to Solar Speak

Welcome to our website and thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. This blog will give our customers a channel where they can engage with the people who have made our company so successful, our staff. True Value Solar has grown from a relatively small privately owned business to one of the largest solar specialists in the country. We operate in 4 of the 5 major states in Australia with local offices and distribution facilities in each, employing over 120 staff and subcontracting to at least as many Government accredited solar installers.

We have achieved this through the careful management of exponential growth but we have grown through doing our utmost to deliver a truly valuable solar product to our customers. We are firm believers that when it comes to solar “true value” is the most important decision making criteria, but this doesn’t just mean being the cheapest. We understand that buying a solar system is an investment decision more than anything else, a way of protecting you and your family from future increases in the cost of power. Therefore, our focus has and will always be about offering the best quality and efficiency systems at the lowest prices, delivering you, our customer the lowest payback periods possible. On top of this, at True Value Solar we work tirelessly to offer some of the fastest install times in the industry and competitive warranty terms, all with the added security of dealing with a large, well established company.

The solar industry is in its infancy in Australia, but we are confident it’s hear to stay. Over the next few years as renewable energy targets get closer, we are looking forward to solar becoming part of every Australians’ life, similar to the impact mobile phones have had in the last 10 years. Rest assured as this happens True Value Solar will be solidifying our position as Australia’s number one solar retailer by delivering on our promises to you.

Please feel free to write to us, ask questions and engage us through this blog. We hope this website and blog will help you learn about solar and its benefits, we also hope it will help you learn about us.

All the best.

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