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Value from solar panels

Solar panels are becoming a popular source of renewable energy in Australia. Solar panels capture the energy of the sun to product direct current electricity. To achieve optimum electricity production of the solar panels and to receive best value, solar panels are recommended to be installed in a northern facing direction in Australia.

Solar panels are a main component of a solar power system installation as they generate electricity. The electricity generated by solar panels are converted using an inverter to alternating current to be used around the home or business.

True Value Solar provides great value solar panels by buying them directly from manufacturers in bulk and reflecting the cost savings to all customers. To find out how to make the most value of solar panels, contact our solar specialists on 13SOLAR (13 76 52) today.

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Have you ever wondered how much you could save with solar? To give you a better idea of what solar can do for you - we’ve developed our simple, easy-to-use savings calculator.

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