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The Advantages of Solar Power


Solar energy is fast becoming popular all around the world as a growing number of people turn towards renewable energy generation to combat carbon emission problems.


Burning fossil fuels takes a toll on the environment, leading to an increased use of power generated from renewable sources. Among the many renewable sources of energy in Australia, solar power has established itself as a preferred choice of consumers due to a number of advantages.

So what’s all the solar fuss about? Let’s have a look.


No Greenhouse Gases

The foremost advantage of switching to solar power is that it does not produce any greenhouse gases at all, apart from the stage of solar panel production itself, and even then it is minimal.

Solar power is produced when the sun’s radiation hits the solar panels, and heat is transmitted through conduction – a process that does not involve any gas, smoke, or any type of chemical by-products.

This is without doubt the most powerful driving force behind green energy technology, as Australia attempts to meet it’s climate change responsibilities in order to curb carbon emissions.


Never-ending Free Energy

Beyond the initial expenses incurred during installation and maintenance, solar power is completely free. It is not dependent on raw materials such as oil or coal, and it requires considerably less labour as compared to fossil fuel power plants. The majority of solar panels constructed today have a life expectancy of around 40 years.


Decentralisation of Water

Solar power offers decentralisation of water at sunny locations. Instead of relying on clean water to be supplied by a large company, local water can be treated and made drinkable using a solar powered treatment unit.

This results in self-reliant societies, particularly where transportation of water across the country adds to the costs, including pollution costs of transporting, monetary costs, and costs incurred as a result of the wear and tear of roads. All of these additional expenses can be avoided through installation and use of solar power systems.


Going Off-Grid

Solar energy can be easily produced both on and off the power grid. On grid means when a particular house remains connected to the state’s electricity grid. Off-grid, on the other hand, means that it has no connection whatsoever to the state electricity grid and is self-sustaining.

For those people who live in isolated and rural areas, producing energy off grid is a major plus point. Quite often, installation of power lines is extremely expensive in these areas, while some others have frequent power outages.

Today, even some city dwellers are opting to go off the grid in an attempt to lead a self-reliant lifestyle.


Solar Jobs

One excellent advantage of solar energy production is that it creates lots of jobs. These jobs come in a number of forms, including manufacturing; monitoring, installing and maintaining solar power systems; while research, development, cultural integration and policy jobs are also created.


Solar Power Avoids Price Volatility and Politics

Solar energy is able to avoid price volatility and politics that usually daunt the fossil fuel market. Due to the fact that the sun is an unlimited commodity, and that sunlight can be sourced from a number of locations, solar energy is far less vulnerable to the manipulation of price and politics.

A glance at the numbers shows that the price of fossil fuels has increased over the past few years, while per watt price of solar power has almost halved over the past ten years.


Solar Solution

There’s no denying the fact that solar energy technology is being improved in leaps and bounds. These developments have led to a significant drop in the prices of solar panels, and have made it affordable for the masses. A technology that was expensive and bulky yester-year, has become extremely efficient and more accessible, and continues to do so.


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