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Tip 1 – Power prices are going to rise again – Fact!

Currently Australian households pay more for their power than almost anywhere else in the world. Since 2012 the prices have risen a staggering amount and there is no sign things are going to get better. If anything, prices are going to get worse.

South Australia has suffered badly with power problems due to failing infrastructure. More people have turned to solar, leaving the power suppliers with reduced income. The result has been lack of investment in coal and really high prices to those who remained loyal to the power companies.

Victoria will also dramatically reduce their reliance on coal power in 2017. It has been predicted that this decision will cause electricity prices to rise by up to 10 per cent!

If you are thinking of avoiding these heavy prices rises, think solar. A solar system can pay for itself very quickly and save thousands of dollars for the homeowner.


Tip 2 – With or without STCs – solar still makes sense.

Over the period of the last year, there was a lot of talk about the reduction is STCs and Feed-In Tariffs. The STCs is a government rebate on the price you pay for your solar system. This rebate will be reduced each year until 2030. After 2030 there will be no rebate on buying a solar system and buyers will pay full price.

Currently the STC rebate is only marginally reduced, which makes a solar power system very affordable. The current rebate will remain until 1 January 2018. After this date the rebate will be reduced once again.

If you are thinking of solar, we recommend that you purchase this year and get the best rebate on your system. This rebate will ensure you pay your system off quickly and save money off your power bills for many years to come.


Tip 3 – Solar is a long term investment – that’s why quality matters

Too often solar buyers see solar systems are being much of a muchness. This is because most solar panel look so similar. Be warned – they are not!

A car buyer can easily stop the difference between a luxury European car and a cheap Asian copy. This is why it is not too difficult to convince the car buyer to pay more for their car and get the quality they seek. Solar buyers are not so lucky. The solar products are often made by companies that many buyers have not heard of, while the specification data gives little further insight.

True Value Solar recommends that buyers should do a little homework and find out about the brands before they commit. For example, we supply Jinko Panels. They are not the cheapest solar panel, yet Choice has rated them at 88% - the highest score of any solar panel they tested.

Don’t rush your decision. Ask for an Energy Audit to be done so you have all the facts before you by. True Value Solar can organize this for no charge and no strings attached. Once you have the facts you can buy with confidence and peace of mind.


Tip 4 – Why feed-in tariffs no longer matter

The introduction of feed-in tariffs were designed to given an incentive to buy solar when if was in its infancy. These tariffs gave the homeowners money for the power they generated from their solar. This was due in part because solar power was a lot more expensive when these tariffs we introduced.

Initially the tariffs were very high but have reduced over time to a far more realistic level. Solar power now needs to be seen as a power supply for the home rather than a device to sell power back to the grid.

Homes that are correctly set up with solar will reduce their reliance on their power company and become far more self-sufficient. This self-sufficiency should be the aim for all homeowners.

If you want to have a solar power system that maximises your return on investment talk to a solar expert who can provide a free Energy Audit. With an Energy Audit you have the facts so you can buy with confidence and peace of mind.


Tip 5 – Don’t rush in to buying a solar battery without being fully informed.

Having a solar power system that provides you with the power during the day and also works at night from stored energy is the goal of many homeowners.

Solar batteries suitable to power the home are in their infancy and a large investment for most homeowners. Over time the prices are expected to fall which will make solar storage more affordable and cost effective.

If you are thinking of solar storage, the best advise is to do your homework before you buy. You will need to find out how you use your power through a monitoring device. Once you have this knowledge then the best battery system for your home can be selected.

True Value Solar has the monitoring devices and expertise to allow you to select the most suitable battery system for your home. We stock a wide range of storage systems that can be tailored for your specific needs and provide you with the best return on your investment.

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