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Batteries – What you need to know before you buy.

There are few experts that would disagree that solar batteries are going to be the next big change within the solar industry. The appeal of being able to harness your own power during the day and then use it at night is very appealing to many homeowners.

With the prospect that many homeowners will be having solar batteries installed in the near future, it is only appropriate that they should gain an understanding of this technology.

When you are researching this subject you should remember that there are two main areas to gauge the suitability of the battery system. The first is the way the battery charges and discharges power, and secondly, the size of that storage system that is required.

When you research batteries you will come across the term ‘depth of discharge’ (DoD). The term ‘depth of discharge’ means the amount of energy the solar battery can provide relative to the amount the overall capacity of the solar battery.

Anybody with a mobile phone knows that their batteries slowly degrade over time. Solar batteries are the same. The two most critical factors that affect the life of a solar battery are the number of discharge cycles and the maximum depth the battery was discharged.

The next major area to understand is the size your battery should be. This question is often far more complicated than working out the type of solar power system you need. There are many degrees of dependence in using solar batteries, which in turn will have a direct bearing on the size of the battery installed. According to the Australian Climate Council, adding a 4kWh battery to a 5kWh solar system can increase the amount of self-generated solar electricity a household consumes from 30% to 60%.

True Value Solar recommends that you talk to one of solar experts to discuss the options that are available to ensure you get the ‘right’ battery storage system for your home. Getting the wrong system could cost you thousands!

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