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The 3 easy steps to have the solar system that works to your lifestyle.

True Value Solar wants you to get the best performance from your solar power system. This journey requires 3 key steps that need to be taken to ensure you get the best return on investment and lower your power bills. We call this the Solar Eco System.

The Solar Eco System journey has been designed to provide you with the correct solar power hardware coupled with the necessary controls for the best return on investment. This control keeps you fully informed and allows you to optimise the solar system for maximum performance. Having the knowledge through the Solar Eco System ensures you can make to correct decision on capacity and price when the time comes to purchase a solar storage system for your home.

Step 1 – A tailored solar power solution


The first part of the journey is the decision to go solar. This initial step pro- vides the home with the hardware infrastructure to produce your own power. This is a great start.

Choosing the correct size system for your home is important, but so is quality. Buying a solar power system is a long-term investment — some solar panels are expected to last over twenty years.

With any long-term investment it is important to ensure you get the right system installed from day 1. True Value Solar has the team that can assist you to make the right choice in terms of size, quality and price.

Step 2 – Taking control for peace of mind


True Value Solar's monitoring systems allow you to take control of your electricity and start optimizing the energy you generate. This is achieved with the advanced software's ability to let you know:

  • When are you generating the most solar power?
  • How can you reduce the use of power from the grid?
  • What items in your home are using the most power?

Ultimately the True Value Solar's monitoring system lets you know which electricity supplier suits your needs and what battery you should buy and when.

Step 3 – Power when you need it


Buying the right battery at the right price is critical to gain the maximum reduction in your electricity bills. The True Value Solar monitoring system gives you the knowledge to buy the right battery storage for your system. This is achieved by monitoring your electricity consumption over a one year period, thereby understanding your consumption throughout the seasons.

Once you are ready to buy your solar battery, True Value Solar will provide you with a very special deal as part of the monitoring system's solar pack- age. This no obligation deal ensures you can win both ways. You get a great price for your solar battery, plus you get a custom designed system to give you the best return on investment.

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