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Fact 1 – Don’t buy by price

Most solar panels look the same or very similar, but their performance and quality can be as different as a high quality European car compared to a cheap Asian import. Do not be fooled, high quality systems are designed to perform well throughout the life of the solar system, which can be over 20 years.

Sensible solar buyers not only look for a good deal, they look at the quality of the products as well. If you buy by price you could be paying a lot more for your solar in the long term.


Fact 2 – Batteries may not be your best option

The cost of solar batteries today is expensive. If you are thinking about a solar battery do your homework first.

Buying a solar storage battery is not simple. There are many batteries on the market, which come in different sizes, qualities and prices. Choosing the wrong battery for your solar could end up costing you a lot of money with little or no return on your investment.

Before you buy, talk to a solar expert to arrange an Energy Audit and a monitoring system. This information will enable you to obtain the information you need to decide if a solar battery is right for your home.


Fact 3 – STCs still deliver great value

The government rebate on solar gives buyers an automatic reduction in the price they pay. The system is now being wound back and will be totally removed by 2030. This is a gradual reduction, which takes effect on the first of January each year. To date there has be only one round of reductions to the rebate, which took effect this year.

If you are thinking of buying solar and want to get a great deal with the high STCs we recommend that you buy this year. With power prices on the increase it only makes sense to invest in solar in 2017.


Fact 4 – Power prices will continue to rise

Australians pay more for power than almost any other country. What is even more of a concern is that there is no sign that they will flatten out. In fact power prices are set to rise very sharply in 2017. Victorians can expect to see increases up to 10% this year alone!

Our high power prices is one of the reasons why Australia has the largest uptake on residential solar more than any other country. Currently 15% of Australian homes have solar. (Belgium comes in at number two at 7%)


Fact 5 – You need to service solar

Solar is the only power producing system that has no moving parts. For this reason many people see solar as a ‘set and forget’ product. This is not the case.

If you are investing in solar ensure your system is checked at least every 2 years and the panels cleaned. This will ensure your system works to maximum performance and remains safe.


Fact 6 – Buy your solar from major companies

The Australian solar boom has been great. We can now boast that over 15% of all Australian homes have solar installed.

With this great technology boom there has been a dark side. Currently over 500,000 homes have a solar system, with no warranty and little or no ability to have them serviced. The companies they purchased from are no longer operating in Australia or have gone broke.

The lessons are clear – buy from a company with a strong history and has strong financial backing. True Value Solar has installed in more than 120,000 homes throughout Australia and is backed by the huge M+W Group in Europe.


Fact 7 – Shadows and solar do not mix

A shadow across one solar panel can shut down your entire solar system.

With ‘string inverter systems’ solar panels work together. If one panel is reduced in performance, all the rest will follow. This is why it is very important not to have any shadows on your solar panels.

A solar system can easily last for twenty years. This gives plenty of time for trees to grow and potentially cut your solar system’s performance down or even right off. Our advice is to plan ahead when planting trees near a solar powered home.


Fact 8 – Heat and solar is not the same

It is surprising how many people equate solar power with heat. Solar relies on light to work, not heat. In fact, many solar panels start to drop off in performance once the temperature reaches over 25 degrees Celsius.

Solar power can work just as well during the winter months as it does in summer. The main reason you may get less power out of your solar in winter will is the reduced daylight hours. Temperature in winter plays a little or no part in your solar’s performance.

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