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True value solar Blog

South Australia’s attractive incentives

Solar has taken a bit of a battering recently with the announcement that the feed in tariffs in NSW, Victoria and South Australia are going to be rolled back. Although South Australia is the least effected of the three, this leaves little comfort for most homeowners that have enjoyed their tariffs for a long time.

Not everything is bad news – especially if you live in Adelaide. The South Australian government has decided that it is going to be very generous and is offering solar incentives up to $5000.  This injection of money should see a large uptake in solar power systems.

The solar incentive program in South Australia is unique for two reasons. Firstly, this offer is not being done in any other state. Secondly, this offer covers both solar storage as well as solar power installation. This is the first time solar storage has been offered under an incentive program in Australia.

The South Australian solar incentive program is being run under Adelaide’s Sustainable City Incentives Scheme. As yet there has been no announcement on the details on the funding, except that it would be run on a ‘first come first serve basis’. This implies that the scheme is capped, but the capped amount is still unknown. Hopefully the government will let people know when the cap is reaching its limits.

It should be noted that this solar incentive scheme is additional to the up-front incentives available under the federal governments Renewable Energy Target. Currently this incentive saves up to about 40% off the cost of buying a solar power system for the average home.

The Adelaide Sustainable City Incentives Scheme has been designed for homes, businesses and community organizations. The scheme’s maximum allowable rebate for a solar power system is determined by the client’s system capacity size. The rules for the solar storage are a little more complex. The discount is up to 50% off the price off the energy storage system.

To help you maximize on this generous rebate in South Australia, True Value Solar has bought out Europe’s leading solar battery brand – Sonnen. Designed to the highest level of European design and manufacturer, the Sonnen batteries are the perfect choice for Adelaide’s homes to capitalize on this rebate scheme.

True Value Solar has the right size Sonnen system to fit almost any home size. Sonnen is so much more than just a battery, it is it’s an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy use so that most of the self-generated solar energy stays in the household.

The Sonnen system adjusts to lifestyle of the home. With the Sonnen system, it monitors the electricity usage throughout the day and night to ensure you maximize the power generated from the solar panels. This allows home to capture that daylight power and enjoy your power when you need it.


Storage Size: 2kWh to 16kWh (Expandable steps of 2kWh)
Operating mode: Single or Three phase
Lifespan: 10,000 charge cycles

Normally the Sonnen Integrated system would be a large investment but with up to 50% off rebate the incentives are huge.

Click here to obtain an in-depth knowledge of SonnenBatterie.

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