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What is solar power?


Information on What is Solar Power and How it Can be Used

What is Solar Power and How to Use it!

The sun is the greatest power plant known to man, and harnessing that immense amount of power has been the goal for some time now. But the technology for harnessing that power hasn’t been around until lately, courtesy of the latest advancements in solar power technology. For those of you who are thinking about what is solar power, read on.

So, what is Solar Power, Really?

For those of you who are thinking about what is solar power, basically solar power is the energy that is derived from the sun. This energy that comes out of the sun is also called solar radiation and short wave radiation.

What is Solar Power Panels?

The sun radiates an enormous amount of energy which hits the earth every single day, so, what is a solar power panel you ask? Solar panels are used to harness power from the sunlight, which is a renewable source to generate electricity.

What is Solar Power Panels and How Does Solar Power Work?

If you are still confused on what is solar power panels. Solar powered electrical generation relies on heat engines and photovoltaics. The process uses:

  • Light or the visible radiation (frequencies that produce the spectra, violet to red, while passing through a prism).
  • High-frequency ultra-violet radiation (frequencies beyond [=ultra] violet spectrum). The use of the light needs no elaboration.
  • The light form is used in another way now-a-days, a way that has opened towards the new horizon of renewable energy; the solar-electricity. This process of converting the light into electricity is called PV or photovoltaic.



What is Solar Power Used for?

Keeping the Environment Clean:

The next time someone asks you what is a solar power panel good for, you can tell them that solar panels offer the convenience of being one of those renewable sources of energy that are clean as well as environmentally friendly. Solar panels make the mark when the traditional non-renewable sources of energy continue to be an expensive option and cause pollution of the environment. There are financial advantages too, of using solar power using the solar panels. There is also no guilt in the usage of solar panels because even the manufacturing is done from crystalline silicon which is abundantly available on to the crust of the earth.

Most importantly, what is a solar power panel good for is that the solar panel installation, manufacturing processes as well as the prolonged and continued usage does not cause harm to our most cherished environment in any way. The emissions that are produced by the solar panels are to a zero level. It is the best way to restore the day by day degrading, polluted environment. Solar panels as such make up a very good source to leave it up to the future generations to make use of the fossil fuels like coal and petrol for the time as desired by them.



Benefits of Solar Panels

Want to know if installing solar panels on your roof is worth the investment, the following are some of the advantages of using solar panels.

Light Weight

The solar panels are usually found to be light in weight and also can be moved from one place to the other. It gives us human beings, an everlasting freedom from the odour that would have generally been emitted in case the conventional sources of energy generation were to be used. The renewable source of energy that we get in the form of light is huge as compared to the existing consumption of fuels of all kinds in all over the world.

Low Maintenance

When it comes down to what is solar power panel good for, the main thing that catches the attention of the consumers of the solar panels is that once the solar power panels are installed, there is absolutely no need of fuelling it. The maintenance cost also is very much negligible. The source of solar power is of unlimited nature and is never going to replenish over a number of years. This means that the payment of taxes to be done on the electricity charges is absolutely zero.


Our years of know-how allow us to efficiently create a system that will have excellent functionality and save you money on your energy costs. We take all of the guesswork out of the process and allow you to sit back and realize your savings.


Our company makes a commitment to you when you hire us to perform any of the services we offer. We come out to the property, take a look at the logistics, take measurements, and then we sit down and give you an accurate estimate based on the facts.

Getting a Solar Panel Installed

If you want to really reap the benefits of installing a solar panel on the roof of your home, you should probably look for experts in the solar technology field, like True Value Solar who can show you exactly what is solar power. Getting the services of an experienced and professional solar panel installer like us will allow you to get the following advantages.


While a solar panel calculator is a nifty tool, using it won’t guarantee your system is installed correctly. Some products may come with a factory warranty, but if you handle this project yourself and make any errors, you will not be able to call someone to come fix it. If you really mess it up, it could negate the warranty. We offer warranties and extended maintenance plans on our products that will protect you.

Product Expertise

Another thing that a solar panel calculator will not do for you is advise you of the best product brands and manufacturers. We have been doing installations for more than twenty years, so we know which manufacturers fabricate the best system components and which ones are sub-par. We only utilize the best components and panels when installing a solar energy system. The bottom line is there is no substitute for our years of knowledge.




The average homeowner saves over a thousand Australian dollars a year on electricity by installing solar panels on top of their roof. That also includes the cost of the solar panels along with its installation. If you want to get more information on what is solar power to avoid making that mistake, you can call True Value Solar on 13 76 52.


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