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Solar power and the sun

When taking a look at an avenue of different renewable energy sources, solar power can be considered a highly viable solution in generating electricity for our daily needs. Solar power is the generation of electricity by leveraging the energy of the sun.

The sun is a medium sized star that sits in the middle of the solar system. It is also the largest body in our solar system with a diameter of just under 1.4 million kilometres. To put in perspective, the size of the sun is one million times larger to that of the Earth.

According to National Geographic’s documentation of the sun, it can be said that each hour the sun beams more than enough energy onto the Earth to satisfy global energy needs for the entire year. However without the appropriate technology to capture this, the generated energy can not be converted to useful electricity.

The technology that is available today to convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity only produces around one tenth of a per cent of the world’s global energy demand. With such a valuable source of energy and ease of access to it, the proportion of solar power that should be generated, should be much higher.

Currently, the most common technology available to capture solar energy include solar photovoltaic cells, that convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity as it hits the photovoltaic modules either in the form of solar panels on rooftops, building integrated solar photovoltaics, solar shingles, and other forms of thin film solar modules.

With the increase in competition in the solar manufacturing industry, the price of solar panels have dropped significantly over the last few years, with constant improvements in increased conversion rates. With these market conditions, now more than ever, is the best time to install a solar system to make the most of the sun’s generous energy.

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