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AGL have just announced an increase of 10% for their electricity supply. The impact on this grab for cash by AGL is going to be huge, affecting about half the homes in South Australia. On the back of AGL’s announcement, Origin was quick to announce their prices would rise by 6.5%, while Energy Australia has not ruled out raising their prices either.

This could be an extra increase of $200 on your electricity bill.

Installing solar on your home can stop this price rises, breaking the cycle of price increases.

We have the products and expertise to provide you with a solar power system than can pay for itself in 3 to 5 years, saving you thousands over the 20 years plus life of the system.

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Solar Panels

We use only the highest quality multi-diode PV panels. Our panels feature a protective glass film covering which makes them weather resistant. The quality of our panels allows us to offer a 25-year warranty with confidence.



Installation and Warranty

True Value Solar guarantees high quality installation with our Clean Energy Council accredited solar specialists. Installation includes ensuring panels are placed to optimise performance.



Finance options available

Buying a solar system is an investment, but not everyone can afford to pay the upfront cost. We’re committed to helping as many Australians as possible save money and go green, so we offer finance.


Quality Inverters

As Australia’s largest solar installer, True Value Solar offers a full range of high efficiency inverters at value prices.



Lifetime guarantee

Because we use only the highest quality panels we can offer a 25-year panel performance guarantee. You can invest with confidence knowing your system will work day after day.