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Renewable energy in Australia

The Climate Commission’s publication of a report this month titled The Critical Decade: Generating a Renewable Australia is once again, urging Australians to maximise the potential of renewable energy in the country in an effort to combat climate change.

The commission focuses on the great potential for solar power and wind power in Australia highlighting that rooftop solar power systems may be the cheapest form of power in Australia for retail users by 2030, along with wind power.

In addition to this, solar electricity has grown rapidly in the country and as of July 2012, almost 754,000 Australian households and businesses have had solar panels installed, and have a high potential to keep increasing.

With the potential of coal powered energy having around 112 years left, solar power and wind power is becoming a more viable solution for electricity generation.

For more information, refer to the Climate Commission’s website for its 15th report.

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