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The Redback System is here…

Redback is an Australia based company building smart solar solutions for the Australian market. They are committed to finding innovative methods to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

So what’s in the system?

The Redback system consists of a 4.6kW inverter and battery enclosure which integrates with up to 9.6kWh’s of energy storage (4 x 2.4kWh Pylontech batteries). This unit provides peace of mind by producing a stable power supply in times of power failure from the grid. Redback’s system is highly sophisticated, allowing the homeowner to configure and monitor their current energy output from their smartphone. The homeowner is empowered through Redback’s portal or app to decide how much energy is stored, used or sold back to the grid.

The Pylontech batteries have received great reviews, easily out-performing most of the current solar batteries on the market. For example, on a cost per kWh basis, the Pylontech is simply the best value for money against the major batteries available.

Power is generated by the Tier 1 Jinko panels. The Jinko panels are a high-performance panel that is world-class, and is an ideal choice to be matched to the Redback system.

If you need a complete solar power system with battery backup, talk to one of our solar specialists at True Value Solar about becoming even more self-reliant for your power.


Learn how a Redback System works to provide your home with reliable solar energy, as well as great savings.