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Offset Carbon Emissions

Save the Planet: Offset Carbon Emissions

A couple of years ago, only companies and large scale industries were held responsible for the increasing temperature of the Earth and were required to offset carbon emissions as part of state policies, but this scenario has altered now due to the world’s growing reliance on electronic gadgets and appliances in households. Research proves that human activities, at both residential and corporate level, are equally responsible for the world’s changing climate.

Immediate action is required to avert the increasing temperature. Earth’s climate will become further hazardous and polluted if we don’t attempt to offset carbon emissions and control the artificial warming of our planet.
Did you know that on average, an individual is responsible for producing a whopping 50,000 pounds of carbon footprint per year? This includes carbon emissions from home appliances, automobiles, personal computers, airplanes and every other thing that consumes energy to run. This requires both individuals and industries to offset carbon emissions and make this planet healthier for ourselves and our future generations. Here are a few ways to offset carbon emissions across different domains.

Offset Carbon Emissions from Your Home

Your home is the first place to begin with. You can start off with a solar cooking range and eco friendly electrical appliances. Replacing conventional sources of electricity with solar electricity would make your entire place almost carbon free. Try to adorn your house with potted plants rather than artificial flowers. Waste less food, use recyclable products and most importantly, try to plant as many trees as you can in your yard.

Offset Carbon Emissions from Your Office

The rising trend of virtual offices and increasing usage of internet and technological devices in corporations have made this sector an important contributor of the harmful carbon emissions. According to industry forecasts, the energy requirement of the offices for communication and data storage is expected to double in the next 7 years.
Here is what you can do. Look for energy companies and consider buying offsets to reduce carbon footprints. You can also use energy saving monitors and scanners. Also, try to make less use of printers, as papers are one of the main products causing carbon emission.

Offset Carbon Emissions from Your Car

As part of a recent study, a group of engineers observed around 30% difference in miles per gallon as a result of different driving habits. It was concluded that we can offset carbon emissions by more than a ton annually, if we maintain a steady speed throughout the journey and make smooth stops and starts. You can reduce around 700 pounds of carbon footprint just by keeping the tires properly inflated. Follow a regular schedule of maintenance with timely replacement of air filters. This will only increase the life of your car, but will make you a contributor of the Go Green campaign.

Offset Carbon Emissions from Your Events

Do you think engaged couples would pay any attention to whether the paper used for printing invitation cards is recyclable or not? An event manager of a multinational would not consider buying organic flowers for entrance if the others are less expensive and more professional looking.

Events are all about celebrating and showing off your best, even if comes at the expense of damaging the natural environment. By being just a bit more informed and conscious, we can save a large amount of harmful gases from our venue or post event cleaning activities.

Using recyclable paper for cards and thank you notes, online invitations, organic flowers and less plastic decors are few small things that won’t affect your event in the least, but would make a huge contribution in your attempt to offset carbon emissions.

Make Your Life Green and Healthy…

Google for offset carbon emissions and you will come across several companies offering their services in this domain. You can always buy offsets and other energy saving products to offset carbon emissions and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

However, not all of us can afford this. There are several other cost efficient and long lasting ways to offset carbon emission. Switch to renewable energies in your daily life, like hybrid vehicles and eco friendly home appliances, CFC free refrigerator, solar oven etc. The ultimate of what you can do at the individual level is to install a solar inverter or mount a solar panel on the roof of your house or office. This will not make your home carbon free, but will also cut down your electricity bill with sunlight as a free and endless source of energy.

Save Your Planet

It is no use blaming the regulatory authorities or the industrial sector for the dangerous climatic change. All the sectors and domains across the economy are required to offset carbon emissions. It is the time to step forward and play our part in saving the planet from harmful gases and pollutants. Offset carbon emissions and halt the global temperature to rise further.

Let’s make this planet a beautiful and healthier place to live for our future generations!

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