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Nuclear Energy

Progressing with the Many Benefits of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is released from the nuclease of an atom through the process of fission or fusion. Another process by which nuclear energy is released is when a radioactive element decays. Nuclear energy like solar energy is considered the safest, cleanest and most reliable form of energy source. The major advantage of using such an energy source is that one, it is never ending and two, it produces no harmful gases or toxic by-products. Industrial progress would be a lot safer, cheaper and much more productive with the use of nuclear energy. The many benefits of using nuclear energy are explained below.

Lowest Environmental Effects

When it comes to environmental impacts, nuclear energy has the least. Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear power produces no dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide or oxidies of nitrogen. This results in a decrease in the Greenhouse Effect.

When the waste water from nuclear power plant industries is dumped in rivers or ponds, it does not harm any of the aquatic life, as nothing in the water is dangerous. The warm water is cooled before being released in the rivers. Since the wastelands around the nuclear sites are so harmless, many endangered species make their homes around it. These species include falcons, bald eagles, beach tiger beetle etc. This shows how save nuclear energy is!

Cheap Method for Electricity

Even though the initial setup for the nuclear power plant is high, the rest of the procedure is relatively cheap. And it gives many long term benefits. The element uranium that is used in the production of nuclear energy is low and a small quantity can produce great amounts of electricity. Not only this, but the electricity that is produced by nuclear energy would be much cheaper when sold, in comparison to the electricity that is produced from fossil fuels that keeps getting more expensive by the year.

The Waste Storage

The storage of nuclear waste is also safer and more confinable then the waste product generated by fossil fuels. When nuclear energy is produced, only a small amount of waste is produced that can be stored in small boxes and then buried in geological sites which does not allow it to become a part of the atmosphere. There is no other energy reserve whose waste can be stored that securely. The waste produced by the fossil fuels which id directly released in the atmosphere, is so harmful that it has been gradually destroying the ozone layer and if used persistently, could cause a lot more destruction then is imaginable.

Never Ending Supply at Hand

Another great thing about nuclear energy is that its reserves are inexhaustible. Uranium, the element used in the production of nuclear energy is readily available in the Earth’s crust and just as easily extracted. It mostly occurs in Australia and Canada. There is another 4 billion tons of uranium that is dissolved in the sea water. That is why the production cost of nuclear energy can be safe and never ending.

Reliability and Economic Advantages

The security of nuclear energy is such that even if there is bad weather or some other environmental condition, the nuclear power supply has no issues. It continues without a hitch. The power plants need little maintenance and their lifespan is long enough to give their costs’ worth. They are designed in ways that allows them to continue working for more than 500 days at a time, before needing refuelling. The pricing of nuclear power plants are stable and hardly ever need any unexpected additional costs. This makes them a safe energy reserve.

Safe and Powerful Source of Energy

It is believed by many that nuclear energy can be excessively dangerous. Compared to other industries they are much safer and accident-free. Living next to power plants that produce nuclear energy is just as safe as living anywhere else. The fear of radiation is more propaganda than reality. People forget that they are surrounded by things that emit a certain amount of radiation, which in reality is needed by the human body. Of course this does not mean that a person should sallow uranium, but what is being emphasised is the fact that only a limited amount of radiation is released by nuclear power plants.

Easy Transportation due to Compact Size

Research shows that 28 grams of uranium give off the same amount of energy as 100 metric tons of coal. Very little amount of uranium is needed to produce tons of energy therefore it makes transportation very convenient and cheap. Production of nuclear energy becomes very cost effective and easy because of the compact size, unlike fossil fuel.
Similarly the nuclear power plant is also compact and needs no more space than a football stadium. Constructing a plant for the production of nuclear energy is comparatively advantageous in every sense.

Use of Nuclear Technology

More and more uses of nuclear technology are being advanced. It is not only weaponry or electricity that nuclear energy is prevalent in. Rather it is being used in space technology, medicines as well as for heating purposes.

Space Travel

The heat that is given off by the radioactive isotopes is used to generate electricity and used in spacecrafts. Similarly, many other space travelling machines are powered by nuclear energy.

Nuclear Use in Medicine

Radioisotopes are used in many diagnostic procedures. Radiotherapy is also used to treat cancers. Radioisotope like technetium-99 is the most commonly used nuclear medicine.

Hence nuclear energy is very beneficial for the world.

Heat for Desalination

The heat that is produced during the production of nuclear energy is used to treat water in desalination plants, making the water drinkable.

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