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How To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill


Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of modern society. It helps us extend our days, and makes our lives so much easier.


But as with all modern conveniences, we have to pay for our power

use. So how do we save money on our electricity bill without losing the benefits of power? Here are a few simple tips for cutting back onyour costs.

1.    Wash Clothes in Cold Water Instead of Hot

By using cold water instead of hot, you don’t need to use power to heat the water. Most energy used during a washing cycle is for heating the water.

It is often better for your clothes, too. Most of the time, a cold water wash is more than sufficient for clothes, can help to maintain colours, is better for removing some types of stains, and can prevent shrinking of some types of materials. If you have any particularly dirty or odorous laundry, that’s when you should do a hot water wash.

2.    Install a Solar Hot Water System

While washing your clothes in cold water is easy, it’s not so easy to avoid using hot water for showering, or washing dishes, among other things. Save money in these areas by heating your water with a solar power system, which once installed, is free to use.

3.    Use a Clothesline Instead of an Electric Dryer

Simply line drying rather than tumble drying just once a week can make for substantial savings. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard and a clothesline, take advantage of it! If the weather is bad, set up a clotheshorse inside.

If you do use your dryer, cleaning out the lint will make it work more efficiently and can save you $25 a year.

4.    Switch Appliances Off at the Wall

It’s such a simple trick to save yourself a fair amount of money. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of switching off your power points when you’re not using appliances. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the fridge, but things like the kettle, TV, and computers can easily be switched off at the wall. You’ll find that all these little things have been adding us to cost you quite a bit!

5.    Insulate Your House

If you own your own home or building, seriously consider getting insulation if you don’t already have it. It helps to keep the house warm during winter, and cool during summer, which will help to reduce your heating and cooling costs year round.

6.    Use a Fan Instead of an Air Conditioner

A fan uses substantially less power than an air conditioning unit. If your house isn’t over-heated, a fan may be enough to keep you cool. If you have insulation, you’ll probably only need a fan to give you a cool breeze in summer, rather than air conditioning.

7.    Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This is an easy way to save money! Energy efficient bulbs use less energy, therefore reducing your electricity usage. Simply change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, and you’ll see a decrease in your bill.

8.    Use a Microwave Instead of an Oven

An oven requires a lot of extra heating, and consequently power, to heat up the entire space. If you can use your microwave instead, you’ll save money and energy.

When you do use your oven, only open the door when necessary. Every time you open up the oven door while cooking, the temperature drops 14-20 degrees. If you cook regularly, cutting the habit will save you money.

9.    Switch to Solar Panels

You’ll reduce bills significantly by creating your own energy. Once the panels are installed, the power is free.

10. Turn Off the Heating While You Sleep

It is almost unnecessary to have heating on at night when you already have blankets and doonas. No one wants to be cold, but once you’re snug in bed, you won’t need to have the heater on. In fact, it’ll probably cause you to be uncomfortably hot.

11. Only Run Your Dryer, Washing Machine and Dishwasher When They’re Full

Use these appliances more efficiently and save money on the loads you don’t run. You’ll use less electricity, less water, and less energy to heat up the water. The more loads you run, the more power you use. So simply wait until the machine is full before starting a wash or dry cycle.

12. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

By choosing efficient appliances, you’ll limit the amount of electricity used that eventually goes on the electricity bill. This way, you don’t even have to think about saving money, your appliances are doing it for you already.

These are easy ways to save money on your electricity bill that you can start implementing straight away. Imagine what you could do with the money you’ll save!



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