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How To Save Electricity Around The House

How to save energy around the homeMany homeowners think about what steps they should take to make their home more energy efficient. There is no doubt that there are a number of advantages when it comes to saving energy, both in the short and long term. For starters, as soon as you take even a few steps to reduce your energy consumption, you will see a noticeable drop in your energy bills.

However, saving energy isn’t just about saving money. By making a more energy efficient household, people can contribute to saving the environment – after all, not all power is created using renewable sources.

Read on to find out some of the most valuable tips to effectively save energy.

Purchase Energy Efficient Devices and Appliances

When compared to the electrical devices from 2 decades ago, today’s devices and appliances are almost double in energy efficiency.

If you’re out shopping for appliances, keep the following rule of thumb in mind: look for the products that carry an ENRGY STAR label. These devices are known to use around 20 to 40 percent less power than older or unrated models of appliances.

Save even more energy by unplugging appliances when you’re not using them. Some appliances still use energy when in standby mode, so unplugging them will reduce unnecessary usage. Also make sure to only use the dishwasher or washing machine when you have a full load, and try to line dry your clothes rather than tumble dry when possible.

Insulate Your Home

The majority of homes in Australia are insulated sufficiently. However, older homes usually have some form of leakage of both cooling and heating that result in increasing power consumption. It is important to make sure that proper insulation, sealed windows, and efficient heating and cooling systems are installed to minimise the energy use.

Here are a few guidelines to get you started with insulating your house:

  • It’s best to start with the attic. Proper insulation in the attic can save as much as 20 to 25 percent of energy used in air conditioning and heating.
  • Proceed to insulate under the floor, around heating ducts and hot pipes, while keeping in mind the crawl spaces.
  • Install windows that meet the ENERGY STAR specifications. These windows are designed to prevent heat from escaping in colder environments; however, in hot climates, they successfully keep out the sun’s radiation and keep the insides of the house cooler.

Opt for Renewable Energy

Australia gives great importance to the use of renewable energy, and uses solar, hydropower, geothermal, and wind energy as its most popular renewable energy sources.

Switching to solar energy is as simple as having panels installed on your roof. By choosing renewable energy, you will be contributing towards a more sustainable environment.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting

One of the fastest ways to bring down the household energy consumption is to change the lighting to energy efficient alternatives. Installing timers and motion sensors can also save a considerable amount of energy by ensuring that lights are not on when they are not being used.

Halogen incandescent light bulbs can last up to three times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, and also use far less energy. There are also other types of energy efficient bulbs to choose from, including LED and CFL.

Investing in the Future

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part towards a sustainable environment. One of the best ways to do so is to start saving energy at home. We should make sure that we teach our future generations about the importance of energy and power in order to instill in them a sense of responsibility that energy should never be wasted, while ensuring that we practice what we preach.

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