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True value solar Blog

Fighting the Soaring Price of Power

South Australia’s power supply has been heavily covered in the news. The states grid supply of power has proved to be less than reliable. Not only has this caused frustration amongst residents, but major companies are now closing their doors. Coca-Cola has just announced they are shutting down their factory with a loss of 180 jobs.

South Australia may be in the news, but other states are not much better. Victoria has seen electricity price rises of 119 per cent over the last ten years, while Queensland has recorded a rise of 151 per cent over the same period. Clearly, Australia is in an energy crisis with the privately owned power companies, which have simply failed at all levels.

So what is the homeowner to do when power is becoming more and more a luxury item and cannot be relied upon with any certainty? The answer lies in becoming more self-sufficient. Wages are next to stagnant, so it is vital to look at all methods to combat the rising home overheads. One answer is solar.

True Value Solar has now installed solar systems to over 120,000 homes nationwide. They pride themselves of providing quality systems that are built to the highest world standards and will perform well for many years. The systems True Value Solar provide are designed to fight against the ever rising power prices and bring peace of mind and freedom.

Homeowners now have the ability to buy a quality solar system, which is still heavily reduced in price due to the generous STC rebate. This allows most homeowners the ability to pay off their entire system in often less than four years.

If you desire the freedom to create your own power and reduce the effect of power increases on your budget, give True Value Solar a call. The team of experts are willing to assist you select the right system for your needs now and in the future. They also ensure that all systems are storage capable when you want solar storage. The team can be contact on 13 76 52.

It may just be the perfect time to send a strong message to your power company that you have chosen solar. For the sake of the environment, the economy and your wallet.

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