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Common Solar Power Myths and Truths

When it comes to the renewable energy market, solar panels are among the most popular technology because they’re widely available and practical to use.

There is no doubt that solar energy offers some excellent benefits for the consumer in terms of money as well as the environment (it does not produce any fumes, except during the production of solar panels). However, there are some myths circulating around that cause confusion for many people.

In this blog, we will clear up some common myths and will also reveal some interesting facts about solar power. Read on to learn more about this fascinating technology!

Myth 1: You Have to Invest a Lot Of Money to Get Started

Some people believe that it takes around $10,000 to have solar panels installed. This figure is misleading as it does not include the subsidies offered by the government. The Australian Government is highly supportive of solar technology, and it encourages people to install solar panels as well as placing emphasis on using renewable energy sources in general.

Search the market and you’ll come to know that you can have solar panels installed for a reduced cost. To learn more about Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target, visit

Myth 2: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

This is yet another common myth that keeps many people from installing solar panels. Some say that these panels will lead to leaks and weaken the roof to such an extent that it may collapse. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Solar panels actually protect the roof from severe weather, and they are not directly attached to the roof itself. Instead, they are only attached to metal rails, which are installed on the roof. Any gaps that may have appeared are filled completely with sealants to enhance protection. Therefore, if your roof needs to be repaired, you can easily have the panels removed with no problems at all.

Myth 3: You Have to Have Batteries to Store Power From Solar Panels

In the majority of installations, the solar panel system is connected to your main electricity grid. This means that during the day when your panels are generating electricity, you use it. At night, you use the electricity from your conventional power grid. As for any excess electricity during the day – it will automatically be fed into the power grid and your power company will credit you for this; there’s nothing sweeter than seeing your electricity meter run backwards!

A battery is only required if you wish to completely isolate yourself from the power grid, which may be the case for those who live in rural areas, but it’s unusual for city and suburban residences.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Require Lots of Maintenance

Due to the fact that solar panels do not have any moving parts, they require very little maintenance. You may want to rinse your panels every year or so – but even this is not a necessity. If you live somewhere where it rains, you can let nature do the cleaning for you.

The only major cause of concern would be if something big falls on your panels and damages them physically. Any loss of efficiency can be noted using the monitoring software that comes with solar panels, so you don’t have to get onto your roof to visually inspect them.

Myth 5: To Use Solar Panels, You Have to Live in a Sunny, Hot Climate

Solar panels work quite well in different types of climates. While it is true that solar panels will generate the maximum amount of electricity in sunny areas, they will continue to work even if it’s foggy or cloudy outside. In fact, they are often more efficient in cooler environments!

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