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Clean Energy

Clean Energy Solar Power- A Cost Effective Way to Lower Energy Expenses

Electricity from power stations is produced using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Fossil fuels are burnt to generate power and in the process environment damaging greenhouse gases are made. This includes gases like methane, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide and methane.

The production of these greenhouse gases is harmful for both humans and the Earth. It causes climatic changes and makes the atmosphere warm. This is considered by scientist as one of the many reasons for global warming. It is also anticipated that the ongoing emission of greenhouse gases from burning of the fuel may lead to severe changes in the weather in the long run.

The emission of hazardous gases in the air is causing air pollution. The people around the power station are at high risk as the air they breathe is not clean. Due to this, over the years there have been several cases of lung and many other health problems.

Impact on Health of Greenhouse Gases from Electricity Generation from Fossil Fuels
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) – This greenhouse gas that comes from electricity generated from fossil fuel is the major cause of acid rainfall. Sulphur dioxide creates problems in the respiratory system and triggers asthma attacks.
Nitrogen oxide- This gas is also a greenhouse gas that reacts with the light from the sun and produces ground level ozone. It is harmful for health and contributes to respiratory infections.

Carbon dioxide- CO2 contributes to global climate changes. It is assumed in the future if the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) continues through burning of fossil fuels, it may give rise to tropical diseases and result in extreme weather conditions.

Ozone (O3) – This gas produced during the electricity generation process from fossil fuel creates smog in the air. It leads to lung inflammation, shortness of breath, bronchitis and asthma attacks.

This depicts that burning of fossil fuels is non-environmental friendly and life threatening. The damages being caused by the emission of greenhouse gases is alarming and appropriate action needs to be taken in order to lower the danger.

In addition to this, coal, natural gas and oil are all non-renewable energy sources which once burnt cannot be used. The continuous and excess use of fossil fuel for electricity generation worldwide is making these energy sources scare. And due to rising scarcity, this has led to increase in fuel energy cost which has made it difficult for businesses to run smooth operations at a low operational cost. The high rise in energy prices has also increased electricity bills.

Switching To Clean Energy

Clean energy includes those sources of energy that are environmental friendly, renewable and do not emit hazardous gases in large quantities that cause health problems and threatens lives. Some of the clean energy sources include the sun, water and wind. As these clean energy sources are renewable, they can be used repeatedly.

New and advanced technologies are coming forward which help make the most of clean energy sources. As more awareness about fossil fuel damages to health and scarcity is increasing, more businesses are considering, installing and switching to clean energy technologies. However, the concept of clean energy usage is still new and it will take a few more years for a number of businesses to adopt clean energy power generation system into their commercial settings.

Support from the Government

As mentioned above the clean energy idea is new and it’s a proposition that many businesses are considering but are at the same time hesitant to mostly because of the cost of installation. Currently solar power is regarded to be the most beneficial of all sources of clean energy.

The emphasis of installing and switching to clean energy solar power system can be observed from the kind of solar rebates offered by the governments of different countries including Australia.

Australian government is actively promoting and facilitating the installation of solar power clean energy systems into business landscapes through solar credit, certificate and tax break rebates.

Solar Power Clean Energy

Solar power clean energy system is a system that helps generate electricity from the sun. To generate energy you don’t need direct sunlight. For power production through solar clean energy, you only need daylight.

Solar power system is installed on the roof with high quality solar PV panels. These panels have photovoltaic cells that are constructed from silicon crystals. These crystals absorb radiations from the sun. The photons in the sun’s radiation are then converted into electrons. It creates electrical field and produces direct current (DC). This direct current is passed through the inverter which is a component of the solar clean energy power system. This converts the direct current into alternating current (AC). This current is fed to the electricity grid where it is exported and imported for carrying out ongoing business operations.

The benefits of using electricity produced from clean energy like the sun are:

  • The electricity can be produced in abundance. In case the electricity production is in excess, you can also save the energy in the power grid and use it at night.
  • Also, with solar clean energy system, you can lower your energy expenses
  • With solar power system installed in your business landscape, you can carry your business operations without any fear of power failure.

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