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Monitor the health of your system and track energy consumption

True Value Solar is happy to bring to you a device which helps you keep an eye on your system as well as the energy consumption.

carbonTRACK is a technology company which devised an intelligent energy management to answer all your solar questions. carbonTRACK answers questions like

  1. How much electricity am I generating and using?
  2. Why is my electricity bill still so high?
  3. How is my PV Solar performing?
  4. How can I reduce my overall energy use?
  5. Should I use the electricity generated or send it back to the grid?

With fall in FITs all across the country, it is better to have answers to the above questions.

Apart from this, there are many added benefits of the product. To enlist a few:

  • Gain insights into generation and usage of energy
  • Alert and notifies you the moment carbonTRACK detects potential problems with the system
  • Determine whether battery storage is right for you
  • Avoid bill shocks by comparing your electricity bill with the carbonTRACK generated report
  • The device does not rely on your home’s Wi-Fi instead uses sim card to transfer the data to ensure constant transmission

It is time to get the power back in your hands and make things work according to you.