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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting and How it Works

Fossil fuels are destroying the earth’s environment by increasing the carbon dioxide content which causes global warming. Research shows that there needs to be an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. This is where carbon offsetting comes into the picture. Carbon offsetting is the deduction in taxes that takes place when there is a reduction in carbon emission. Businesses and individuals both play an important part by taking active interest in making the world carbon free. This is done by adopting energy supplies that are renewable and are safe for the environment like solar energy.

If taken from the point of view of a business setup, you can check your carbon offset by determining the amount of carbon that is produced because of your area of work. This would include the electricity you use, the fuel you consume etc. checking your carbon footprints and trying to minimize them would help with the carbon offsetting. It is almost like a trade. You buy carbon offsetting to fund a variety of projects that help in reducing carbon emission. For example, if you chose to go green by using solar panels in your business and home, then you reduce the production of carbon dioxide.

Many countries that are environmentally conscious increase the carbon taxes by increasing electricity bills for commercial as well as residential properties so that people would be more careful about the usage of energy. This issue can be resolved by opting for carbon offsetting. If you decide to use solar paneling, you would be able to go completely off grid as you would produce and consume electricity that you produce yourself. This would save you from any exorbitant costs generated by electrical bills as well as the additional taxes that the government induces.
Another benefit of adopting carbon offsetting is that, the government as well as your clients will see you as someone who is concerned about the damage to the environment and actively trying to do your share in controlling that damage. Not only does this increase your sales, it also gets you grants from the government for usage of solar energy. Going green is the positive statement that you depict by inculcating carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting is believed to be the fastest method to maximize carbon reduction for any business. Other benefits of carbon offsetting include the increase in employment opportunities, educating the masses about the hazards of carbon emission and development of community programs.

There are some conditions that make carbon offsetting credible. The offsetting must be permanent, so that it lasts and must also not have any leakage. Leakage means that even though you have carbon offsetting for one business venue but the other venue is increasing the carbon emission. This would only equal out the carbon content and no positive result would be achieved.

The reason why business and industries chose to offset is that they know that however much they try there would still be some sort of carbon emission involved. This is because not all types of pollutants can be controlled as some of them are an integral part of the business setup. By adopting carbon offsetting, they are taking responsibility of the carbon emission. For example, getting solar panel for your offices would at least convert your electricity supply to renewable recourses. This would cut down some percentage of carbon emission and help dissolve your carbon footprints. It does not matter how you make your contribution towards carbon reduction, as long as you make some efforts to protect the environment.

There are also some companies that allow you to purchase carbon offsetting which means that you can help aid industries that are working to improve the conditions of the environment. This could include solar power plants, wind farms and many others. These communities work to provide benefits to the world at large by reducing the amount of carbon emitted.

Even though carbon offsetting is not the solution to reducing global warming, it does help manage the carbon emission. It is cost effective way of reducing emissions that helps in a variety of other ways too. Similarly, companies or individuals who purchase carbon offsetting help many industries working day and night to bring reductions in carbon emission.

The best way to include carbon offsetting in your commercial as well as residential setups is by going green. This can be done by producing electricity with the help of solar panels instead of getting on grid electricity. It is true that the initial costs of solar panels is relatively high, but once you are done with the installation, you generate your own electricity and consume it as per your wishes without having to worry about setting any carbon footprints.
It is essential to understand the importance of carbon reduction; otherwise the future generations would be the one paying for their ancestors’ mistakes.

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