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True value solar Blog

True Value Solar – Backed by M+W Group

In 2013, True Value Solar was acquired by the German engineering, construction and technology company, M+W Group. As pioneers in the global solar industry, M+W Group has established itself as a market leader, recognized for its extensive achievements in planning and constructing 40 solar photovoltaic (PV) plants around the world.

In Germany, M+W Group has led the growth of the solar industry, which currently stands at over 17 Gigawatts. To put this into context, this figure is 56 times Australia’s current installed solar capacity.

What makes M+W Group unique within the solar industry is that its services extend across the Photovoltaic Value chain, incorporating research and development, manufacturing and retail directly to the public through brands such as True Value Solar.

The benefit for True Value Solar and our customers comes through the procurement of a comprehensive product list including solar panels and inverters, developed from the excellent working relationships M+W Group has built with industry manufacturers around the world. This list allows True Value Solar to choose the products that will suit the needs of Australian households and businesses at an affordable price.

In addition to sourcing the best products for our customers, True Value Solar operates under M+W Group’s Quality Management program, ensuring that all products that we install have undergone the most stringent quality and performance checks in the Australian Solar industry.

With the backing of M+W Group, True Value Solar will continue to remain the market leader within the Australian solar industry, ensuring sun shines on Australian homes for years to come.

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