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All about Solar Energy in Australia

If you have been reading a lot about solar energy recently, then nothing in this article will come as a surprise to you. For those who didn’t get a chance to catch up on the recent developments in the solar energy sector (and there have been many), this article will briefly summarise the major aspects about solar energy in Australia.

Rising Electricity Prices

One of the many factors that have taken the discussion about solar energy in Australia to a whole new level is the prospect of rising electricity prices in the future. Currently, electricity is being generated by fossil fuels which are depleting rapidly. In turn, their costs rise and these costs ultimately reflect on the consumers’ monthly bills. In this scenario, awareness about solar energy is necessary since it can provide a long-term solution to this pressing issue. As more and more people learn about solar energy in Australia, the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will increase. Watching this new demand, companies will start investing in this sector, soon making solar energy a large industry of its own. Once more and more businesses shift their operations towards solar electricity, energy prices will reduce in the favour of consumers.

Going Green

Protecting the environment is also a worldwide phenomenon nowadays. Governments and businesses are under increasing pressure to deal with problems like carbon emissions and the deterioration of the ozone layer, which is causing dangerous climatic changes all over the world. A lot of such pollution is a direct result of electricity generation via burning fossil fuels. So there is not only an economic aspect but an environmental one was well. These things should not be overlooked in any discussion about solar energy. Once again, electricity created from sunlight is cleaner than the regular electricity. Moreover, sunlight is a renewable source of energy, which means you are not taking away something from nature that can’t be replaced, as with resources such as coal. This also means that you will have an unhindered supply of electricity for life. Australia in particular is known for its sunny climate, and this should work to your advantage if you are thinking about solar energy installation in your house.

Government Initiatives

That the commotion about solar energy is not the doing of solar technology businesses exclusively is proven by the fact that the Australian government is offering financial incentives for homeowners who introduce this technology into their homes. This is done in the form of rebates and feed-in tariffs as a reward for adhering to government policies and generating a certain amount of electricity via solar panels. Financial incentives are definitely an interesting facet about solar energy in Australia. Along with offering incentives, the government is also investing in research about solar energy, resulting in authoritative reports published every now and then. The stamp of the government on such reports makes them all the more credible in the eyes of the general observer. The best thing is that the response of government initiatives in the form of rebates as well as research has received positive feedback in Australia. Reportedly, more than a million homes in the country have responded to initiatives about solar energy and implemented the technology in their homes.

The Problem with Wind Turbines

With all this talk about solar energy, are we deliberately ignoring wind turbines? Absolutely not! But there is a reason why there is more hype about solar energy than wind energy, especially when the target audience is Australian homeowners. Wind turbines are more powerful than solar panels when it comes to electricity generation and they can be used in industries as well. However, when it comes to residential use, a few complications arise. For instance, a wind turbine cannot be placed directly on the roof of the house in the same way as a solar PV panel can be. You need to place the turbine at a particular distance from your house and it should be elevated enough to use the power of the wind to produce electricity. Secondly, while wind turbines work brilliantly in wide, open spaces, you cannot use them near busy roads or properties where there are a lot of trees. If the direction of the wind is disturbed, the movement of the turbine will be negatively influenced, resulting in only marginal levels of electricity generation. More importantly, although powerful, wind turbines make a lot of noise, which is a negative factor for any residential setting. Looking at these problems, you begin to see more positive features about solar energy. For instance, solar power panels can easily be installed on a rooftop. In fact, they make good use of free space in any residential property, thereby increasing its selling price. Moreover, solar panels can be adjusted to different angles to attain maximum exposure to sunlight. The great thing about solar energy panels is that they don’t make any kind of noise, making it ideal for tightly knit communities. Instead of annoying your neighbours, you are actually increasing awareness about solar energy by offering a practical demonstration.

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