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True value solar Blog

Renewable Energy Target can be met – but we need to get our skates on

Politians love words and phrases that can easily roll off the tongue. It is just great for those doorstop interviews. I expect with a little cynicism that the target of ‘20% renewable energy by 2020’ was just too good to pass up. Well that as until today. The target has just gone up to 25% renewable energy by 2020.

The Andrew’s government announced the so-called ‘roadmap for renewable energy’ with the details being promised by the end of the year. The three main areas this blueprint would focus on are:

•    Addressing barriers for home and business to embrace their own sources of power like rooftop solar and storage.
•    Assistance for renewable energy projects.
•    Government using its own purchasing of energy to promote renewable energy.

Currently the renewable energy use in Victoria currently stands at 12%. With the government aiming for 25% within three and half years the question now begs – can the target be achieved, and at what cost?

Taking the current amount of renewable energy projects into account Victoria would have approximately achieved 18% renewable energy by 2020. This would be below the Federal Government and the Victorian Government’s expectations. In order to achieve the target of 25% something has to change.

Clearly the biggest supplier of non-renewable energy that provides the largest target for change are Victoria’s brown coal generators.

The Morwell brown coal generator ceased production in 2014, while the Anglesea power station stopped in August 2015. Although they were important, both these generators are relatively small compared to the brown coal power stations at Hazelwood and Yallourn. Removing one or both of these power stations would make the target 25% close to being achieved. If both were removed Victoria’s renewable energy would stand at 22%, 3% shy of the target. Clearly new large-scale renewable energy projects will need to be added into the mix.

Removing one or both of the power stations at Hazelwood and Yallourn is going to happen. Whether they are removed before 2020 is debatable. All we know is that they will be turned off; the only thing we don’t know is, ‘when?’

True Value Solar provides the ability for homes throughout Australia to gain solar power and loose their total dependence on the grid. With the possibility of early closure of one or two of our major power stations it makes good sense to avoid the last minute rush and invest in solar power as soon as possible.

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